Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiology



Directions of scientific activities:

  1. Determinations of risk factors and development of methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ischemic heart disease and hypertension.
  2. Metabolic Syndrome: Peculiarities of Etiopathogenesis,  Clinical Picture, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Scientific research is done in accordance with the annual plan and perspective plan (5 years). The list of themes, subthemes, responsible persons, time of performance, proposed practical application forms  are indicated in individual plans of each researcher. Scientific workload achieved is presented annually to a university science department

Scientific plan of researchers for the academic year 2012-2013. The theme of research was discussed and approved for the next 5-years period (2012 to 2017).

Thesis in Medicine:

Grib Livi “Metabolic Syndrome: Peculiarities of Etiopathogenesis,  Clinical Picture, Diagnosis and Treatment”. Ph.D. Thesis in Medicine, Chişinău, 2010

The structure of thesis: introduction, 5 chapters, general conclusions, recommendations, bibliography of 268 titles, 235 pages of the main text, 52 figures, 61 tables. Obtained rezults were published in 23 scientific works, including 1 monography.

Mihalache Georgeta “Clinical-hemodynamic and biochemical aspects to the patients with arterial hypertension and obesity and the influence of imidazolinic I1 receptors agonist – monoxidine” Ph.D. Thesis in Medicine, Chişinău, 2010.

The structure of thesis : The these is narrated on 131 pages, consists of introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions, practical recommendations, bibliography from 200 sources, 24 tables and 25 figures. The obtained results were published in 13 scientific works.